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Our Team

Management & Board of Directors

Rolf Schmid, Managing Director (DE, EN)

“Leading the company brings new challenges every day. Learning by doing is key within Art of Technology and we all undergo continuous training on the job. Although we are all consistently challenged on a daily basis, it is refreshing to see how employee loyalty and engagement flourish in an open and honest working environment.”

Dr. Etienne Hirt, R+D Director (DE, EN, FR)

"I enjoy being able as part of a super team to fulfill customers needs."

Dr. Thomas Gillen, Technical Director (DE, EN)

"Even after many years I'm still fascinated by the wide range of tasks and the constant challenges that our customers bring to us. Our carefully prepared and highly motivated team are able to overcome not only difficult problems but also those that at first seem to be impossible."

Damian Henzi, Chairman of the Board

"Art of Technology is a creative «think tank», highly professional and talented, THE service provider for extraordinary tasks. A «raw diamond», that’s worth the investment of my precious free time to help ensure its continued growth and development."

Sales & Marketing

Paul Sphikas, Sales & Marketing Manager (DE, EN)

"I'm fascinated by the breadth and depth of the technical knowledge and expertise of my colleagues, which coupled together with a genuine down to earth approach to business, provides a unique and very powerful foundation for creativity and innovation. Working closely in such an environment inspires everyone to exceed even their own hopes and expectations."


Birgit Sözer, Administration Manager (DE, EN)

"At the time Art of Technology asked me to come back, I had actually decided not to return to work yet as my daughter was still very young. However, as it was Art of Technology I didn’t have to think for long before saying yes. As a company, Art of Technology is flexible, dynamic, innovative and all employees are accepted (including any rough edges). The team is straightforward and there is a pleasant atmosphere in the company."

Research and Development

Klaus Ruzicka, Senior HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I appreciate the wide range of tasks from (technical) contact with customers on hardware and software system design to practical realisation as part of a motivated and technically excellent team. That's why I decided to join Art of Technology and several years later, I must say that it was absolutely the right decision."

Olivier Compondu, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"Working at AoT means developing creative solutions in response to new challenges, on a daily basis, in a family team atmosphere. The use of the latest technologies provides me with the opportunity to constantly further develop myself."

Dr. Kaspar Leuenberger, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN, FR)

"I like the broad range of tasks at AoT and the development of innovative technologies. It is satisfying to realise our customers' projects in this cooperative team."

Carmen Martinez Perez, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT)

"Each project makes me research into cutting-edge technologies or applications that I sometimes haven't even heard of. Luckily, members of our team always have experience and ideas on how to approach these daily challenges. At times, it feels like being back at university, developing and delivering custom-made projects."

Leandro Meier, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I appreciate the varied and exciting work at Art of Technology. It inspires me to see that my work contributes an important share to the company's success and is appreciated. Due to the high motivation of all employees working in a team really fun."

Daniel Schwab, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN, ES)

"A great team, to be creative, in a diverse technology environment. Involved from hardware to software, to the customer, are very exciting areas."

Thomas Schwinghammer, HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I like working in a well-balanced team and the varied and high quality work. A broad spectrum of projects involving hardware, software, new and special technologies as well the miniaturisation of electronic systems and research projects continually brings new challenges."

Felix Heimgartner, Electronic Technician (DE, EN)

"I like the huge variety of projects which ranges from research studies to space projects and that we have a very capable team working on these diverse and demanding tasks."